A furniture and interior cluster in Sweden, aiming to reach the rest of the world.


Sweden is one of the leading furniture regions in Europe. With the reputation of good design and high innovation the reputation is spread on many markets. Since Interior Cluster Sweden is an initiative from the strong furniture and interior region in Sweden our aim is to develop the international presence of Swedish brands and producers on an international arena.

As origin for giants as IKEA and Kinnarps we are confident that the Swedish design and interior philosophy can have an influence on the world market. The giants are important but beside those there is a large group of companies that hold designintense profiles and who are capable of produce and influence the worldmarket with furnitures and interiors based on high design and innovation content besides the practical functionality.

If you are an actor on the design and interior market, despite place in the value chain, there is a place for you in Interior Cluster Sweden.

Interior Cluster Sweden holds the major furniture and interior based nodes in Sweden. The foundation of the cluster is the vast group of companies representing the whole valuechain of furniture and in- terior production. Besides the municipalities and the Swedish Wood and Furniture association, we also have stakeholders in the academy through Linköping University and its department of Design and the In-
stitution for economical and industrial development. Another partner from the academy is Craftscenter in Tibro.

We ́re at your service when you want to join the network, find the right partners,suppliers or producers on the Swedish market.

Contact us for more information and join the network. 



Anders Wisth
Interior Cluster Sweden AB