Our regions

Interior cluster Sweden builds upon the strong tradition of furniture and interior furnishing in south Sweden. When mapping out countries with strong industrial innovation and export in different fields, south Sweden stands out along with Denmark and north Italy. A number of cities and regions have excelled in the production of furniture and interior furnishings. This, of course, all stems from a genuine tradition of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship that has flourished over time. Some of these districts have joined us as main parties and part of Interior cluster Sweden. Eventually more will join, many with significant furniture and interior furnishing businesses. Here you can read a little about the various regions.


With a strong tradition all the way back to the days of Hagafors stolfabrik, our furniture companies continue to make their mark both regionally and internationally. The furniture business is an important part of the economy and development of Vaggeryd. We are one of the most distinguished furniture producing municipalities with some of the country’s most well known furniture companies, such as Byarums Bruk, Ekdahls Möbler, Molunden, Kinnarps, Swedese, Swedstyle, and Skilingaryds Designcenter. A 40-something strong cluster of furniture makers and subcontractors provide close to a third of the employment in the municipality. There’s expertise, industrial know-how and unique business networks. A vocational school programme for furniture production also provides a means to secure the need for the design of tomorrow.



Many homes, offices and schools have received their furnishings from Tranås. Yes, the tradition is genuine. Home furniture was made here for a long time by companies such as OH Sjögren, Sundlings, among others. Tranås skolmöbler, EGH, and Materia have created work environments for schools and offices in many places. The more than hundred year old furniture tradition lives on and sees further development. Today the businesses continue to produce both Carl Malmstens furniture as well as modern classics for public environments. Companies like Mitab and NC Nordic Care are examples of brands that have Tranås as their home, alongside subcontractors and design offices. Tranås wants to provide an arena for innovation and growth for the furniture and interior furnishing business. We believe that cooperation and exchange with other lines of business can provide opportunities for interesting development projects.



For a long time Tibro was considered the furniture center of Sweden. No other municipality could claim to have as many furniture businesses within its borders. As with other nodes, it all began with craftsmen who produced furniture in small workshops. The volumes grew; during the 60’s and 70’s Tibro was the largest furniture maker in the nordics with Ulferts as an important employer. Wards’ studios, Svenssos Stolfabrik, TUA and many many others made Tibro famous for its furniture production.

Since the middle of the 00’s the goal has become clear for businesses and politicians: Tibro shall become an innovative meeting ground for the interior designers of the world. Today many companies such as OFFECCT and SA Möbler are famous brands for a regional and international public. Through this driven cooperation, the common meeting place of INREDIA has become reality. Inredia is the arena for meetings between designers, design students, furniture producers, architects, and others who work professionally with furniture and interior furnishings. In other words, the place to be for you who want to create the interior furnishings of tomorrow.


Lammhult has for many become synonymous with furniture. Lammhults Möbel and Svenssons i Lammhult, that’s enough to make Swedes think of furniture. In the northern part of Vaxjö municipality, the city has become a furniture hub. The first furniture factory in Lammhult was founded in 1919 by Edvard Karlsson. Prior, Svenssons had started their business right outside the city. KF was for a long time a significant furniture producer. During 1940 to 1970 they produced specialities such as upholstered furniture, bookcases, cabinets, and tables. Today the legacy lives on in strong brands such as Lammhults, Abstracta, Ljungåsa, Lammhults snickeri, Möbelspecialen and Norrgavel. In Lammhult you will also find Svenssons i Lammhult, Nilssons and Norrgavel, which attract tens of thousands of visitors to the city every year. Design management that creates design icons has been the guiding mantra for the producers in Lammhult, both for subcontractors as well as the more well known brands.



With Bruno Mathson and Källemo as well-known notions, the headline may be fitting. Bruno Mathson was groundbreaking with his design. He was but one of many in Värnam who grew up in the carpentry workshops. In Värnamo municipality there was Rydaholm, with a strong furniture industry. Björken, Alnen and Eken were names of furniture companies. Inspired by 30’s modernism Bruno Mathson created his design icons. In the same spirit Källemo has its beginnings. The founder Sven Lundh has made historic quotes that are associated with the company’s furniture, for example “It shall stand the wear of the eye”. Today, Värnamo has a self-written place in the Swedish furniture and design geography. Besides the aforementoned Värnamo businesses, there is Scapa and Lundkvist inredningar in Rydaholm, and Snickar-Per in Hånger. The legacy of shaping designers continues on in Dan Ihreborn and Stine Sandwall who are associated with Värnamo. With the landmark Vandalorum and the meeting place Gummifabriken, Värnamo will make out an important arena for furniture and design development in Interior cluster Sweden.